I’m back and Ready to Run like never before!

It has been some time since my last post and I am excited to report I have so much to share!

The time off has been spent recovering from delivering my second daughter as well as moving the family to our new (fixer upper) home. I have not forgotten about my fans here- Soon to come is a new look for the webpage, and easier layout. Some new recipes will be posted as well as an in-depth view of foods I regularly eat (food log for 14 days). I also received some fantastic news from the Cardiologist and I will be posting my EKGs from 2011 to now- My life has forever been changed through food and I have documents to prove it!

Make sure to not miss out, follow me here:

Facebook: I Can Run So I will

Twitter: @trail_runner13

Instagram: trailrunner2013



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