Masks and N95 Mask Covers

After making plenty masks from various patterns all over Youtube and the internet, I designed my own. I have been making these mostly using bias tape using a 3D printed bias tape maker- my favorite being an unconventional size (1.5″ feed in, 6/8″ output double folded sides). I think adding elastic for ears or head would be doable by adding a channel or finishing the ends with the elastic coming out.

*remember, masks alone do not prevent inhalation of Covid19, but does help by training you to not touch your face, and prevent you from touching your face and spread your potentially symptom-free virus onto other surfaces*



Above is a photo of the long stitches for the optional inside pocket. Do so by seam ripping finished product between the tacked down stitches. I thought it looked neat with the light shining through.



Always press your seams down before any step.


Andrea’s Mask Cover Pattern 03-31-20

More mask patterns to come, so keep checking back. I have a smooth mask and folded mask with pocket version.

3D Printed Bias Tape Maker


A couple videos of me using the 3D printed bias tape maker:

3D bias tape makerdesign: (mine is edited to be the size I like and edited the hole so a paper clip can go through)



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