First Race Postpartum-ORRRC Sugarcreek 5

A 5 miler on my favorite trail- I couldn’t miss it! I had been running very carefully, and slowly do to pelvic floor pain issues since the delivery of my second child (vaginal birth after cesarean). I was nervous, and excited. But most of all just out there with my close friend having fun! I was taking photos and chatting my running buddy up! She stayed by my side the entire time- forfeiting her own race time just to run with me again- That will not be forgotten. I ended up running those five miles in 1:07:43- it was a small victory for me though- I was back on the trails and back on the clock!

IMG_4467 IMG_4522 IMG_4487  IMG_4521

5 miler sugarcreek

Last Photo by: Squeaky Carrot


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