Carriage Hill 5K Trail Race- ORRRC

My second race postpartem and crushed my previous PRs!

I will always remember this race as the race I started running from the car! Yep, almost missed it.

The husband was out of town on a business trip and my mom decided to make a last minute visit from out of state. I mentioned that there was a race I wanted to do, and to my surprise my mom was up for wrangling the two little ones- whoo hoo! We hopped in the car with just enough time to get there- I scribbled my name on the register and flashed my membership card as the race began. I was attaching my bib as I ran across the starting line. The excitement of an impromptu race had my feet dancing- oh yeah, those feet had on new shoes too! Finished in 32:54


Carriage Hill 14



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