Scientific Evidence

Since changing what I eat, my body has been healed in many different ways. One big issue being with my heart.

Just last week I went to a followup appointment with my cardiologist to where an EKG was performed. The following are images of my EKGs from 2011 to this fall 2014 for comparison.

EKG 2011 info blocked EKG 2014 blocked

Scientific Evidence that diet alone has resolved my heart issues: I went from tachycardia to bradycardia!

The doctor gave me the best news ever-  I have no limitations to exercise.

I just got the thumbs up to push my limits, to speed train, run marathons, ultras, triathlons… the sky is the limits. I want to do it all!!!

A little bit of history-

My entire life I dealt with rapid heart rate, or tachycardia. At one point I was put on a holster monitor for about a month where my heart jumped to 180 bpm- resting rate (no activity). Most days my heart stayed at a steady 95-140 bpm. I was told I was at higher risk of heart attack by the doctor.

I was unable run longer than one minute because my heart rate would get too high.

What led up to me doing the total elimination diet-

In 2011 I became a mom, where life changed in more ways than imaginable.

My daughter was not the typical sleep-all-day newborn. She was diagnosed with ‘colic’ and ‘eczema’ and ‘acid reflux’. She cried inconsolably for eight hours at a time, the poor girl was hardly getting any sleep. This mom wouldn’t stop until I got the right answer. I knew she was in pain and that I had to keep trying to figure out what was wrong.
My very amazing doula had mentioned to try doing the total elimination diet. My daughter was exclusively breastfed and any proteins I ate went to my breast milk. The diet started out with only eating just a few least-likely allergen foods for two weeks, and then adding one food at a time, waiting three days for reactions. It was a tedious and both mentally and physically challenging diet to say the least. But sure enough, in two weeks my daughter was gradually getting better. Eventually I remember sitting there crying watching her coo and smile, I was so happy that diet was the answer. A mom wants nothing more than to see their child happy and healthy!
During this time I started noticing changes with myself. I felt more energy for one. My heart felt MUCH slower. I was so concerned I had asked my doctor if 70 bmp was normal. He chuckled and said it was perfect, an athlete’s rate.

Athletes you say? Which got me thinking…
I took the stroller out that evening for our walk. But I decided to do more than that- OH MY! I’m running and my heart was not pounding out of my chest, I didn’t feel sick, I could breath. The only beat I could feel was my feet on the pavement, and what a glorious thing!

Because of my diet- I Can RUN! And you bet I WILL!


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